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2018 Little League Bat Standards

Historically, bats that had a 1.15 b.p.f. stamp were considered legal for nearly every level of youth baseball. B.P.F. stands for bat performance factor. Essentially the b.p.f. is a limit of the velocity in which a ball can exit off of the bat. Bats with a 1.15 b.p.f. will no longer be legal in little league play, or most other youth baseball organizations. This decision has been years in the making. U.S.A. baseball is leading the charge on this in the name of safety.

The new stamp that will be REQUIRED for a bat to be considered legal will be the U.S.A. baseball stamp. the new b.p.f., if you are interested will be .53. these bats have not been available to the public until Sept 1,2017. This means that if your bat was purchased before that date, it will not be considered legal for the upcoming season. Bat inspections will be carried out at games to insure a level playing field and it should be noted that wood bats are another viable option. Wood bats will not require the U.S.A. stamp. Composite and One piece aluminum bats with a .53 b.p.f. or U.S.A. stamp are being engineered to act more like wood. It is also important to know that big barrel bats are now legal in minors baseball.

Keystone will be providing legal bats to each team for use. I am aware that a lot of people buy their own. If you have questions regarding purchasing a bat please let me know and I will do my best to help. I would also suggest checking with a local retailer such as Play It Again Sports. I have spoken with the owner multiple times about this matter. He has a good selection in stock and starting in December will have a hitting cage to try them out before you buy. Play it again sports also gives 10% back to Keystone if you tell them that you are with the league.

The attached images are as follows.

An example of a Rawlings bat with a U.S.A. stamp prominently displayed.

A comparison of what was legal in 2017 compared to what is now legal going forward.

An image of 3 variants of the U.S.A. baseball stamp all of which are legal.

The last image is to demonstrate that big barrel bats are now legal in minors baseball.


Listing of all legal bats

Ron Franck

Vice President