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Becoming a Keystone Little League Coach

Becoming a Keystone Little League Coach

Want to be a Keystone Little League Coach?

Thank you for considering being a coach for one of our teams!  If you have questions about season specifics, please contact Trent Wulf, Coaching Coordinator, at

For our returning coaches, THANK YOU for your dedication to the youth that play for Keystone Little League!  We truly can't do it without you!

To Register to become a Coach for Keystone Little League, please click the Registration button below.  You will need to log in to your account in order to complete the form. 

After you complete the registration, you will be directed to a link to complete the Background Check and a link to the CDC Concussion Awareness program.  Both are required to coach. 

Register to Coach by clicking here:

Coaches Clinics, Training and Education

One of Keystone Little League's best resources are you our coaches. We provide many opportunities on education and training opportunities through free coaches clinics, videos and articles. Our coaches are encouraged to take advantage of each of the opportunities provided. Click the link above to learn more!

Coaches Meetings and Meet Your Coach

The Coaches Meeting and Meet Your Coach events are mandatory for all Coaches. 

If you are unable to attend the Coaches Meeting or Keystone Little League Night, please ensure that an assistant coach will be there for you.  If you are a new coach and aren't sure who your assistants will be yet, please contact Trent Wulf at and he will be able to help you.

All Coaches are required to submit a volunteer check.  When the season is completed and your team's equipment is returned, your volunteer check will be void.

Please see additional information located below.

You can find more information regarding your Coaches Meetings and Keystone Little League Night at the calendar link.

Coaches Meetings

There is vital information as it relates to rules, expectations of players, parents, and coaches, and a host of other information presented at the Coaches Meeting.  You will also receive league-specific information that will be important as you prepare for your season.  You will also receive your roster at this meeting, so it is critical that you are there to review it. 

For Leagues that have a draft, this information will be given at your draft and is available on this site at the link below.


Bats used in 2017 and prior and those legal in USSSA will not be allowed in Little League starting 2018.   Click here to get to the information sent to the Keystone families, or contact Vice President Ron Franck to help with any of your bat questions for 2018 season.