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Parents Corner

Important Dates


Evaluation Night

Keystone Little League Night

Opening Day



4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High 


Coach Pitch


4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Farm Softball


4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Minor Softball

3/3 2:30pm-4:00pm

4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Major Softball


4:30 pm-6:00 pm

4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Jr/Sr. Softball


4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Farm 7 Baseball


4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Farm 8 Baseball



4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Minor Baseball


12:00 pm -2:00 pm 

4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 


Majors Baseball


2:30 pm-4:00 pm 

4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School


50/70 Baseball


4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School 




4/3 from 6pm-8pm at Northwest High School


Forms and Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be online registration this year?

Yes, returning players AND new players to our league will ALL register online.  Registration announcements will be made on this web site, through Email, Facebook and Twitter. 

To Register click here:


What is your refund policy?


Full Refund 100% if requested prior to March 1st.  

Partial Refund Given (Less $50.00 Administrative Fee) if requested beginning March 1st and prior to opening day, refunds will be given minus the Administrative fee of $50.00  (this is a $40.00 Admin fee, the $10.00 Safety and Field Fee).  Late Fees are non-refundable.

No Refunds:  After opening day, no refunds will be given. 

Medical Exception Considerations should be sent to the President for review at

Can I choose what team my child plays on?
Keystone Little League tries to accommodate parent requests for our T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Farm Softball and Farm 7 Baseball divisions. Farm 8, Minors, 50/70 Baseball and Minor, Majors and Jr/Sr. Softball and above are 'draft' level divisions. KLL will try to honor sibling and carpool requests, but there are no guarantees.


When will I know what team I'm playing on?

Draft division managers will contact players immediately following team drafts, usually within a day or two. Drafts are held

All other division managers will begin contacting player soon after the Player Agent form the teams. This usually occurs in early to mid-March.


When will I know about schedules for practices?

Each Manager will post their respective team's schedules. After the season has started, teams may or may not continue to have one practice a week. The goal of practices is to teach specific skills and game situations, so player attendance is a must!


When will I know about game schedules?
Game schedules will be posted as they are made available.


Do I need to buy a team jersey?
A Keystone Little League shirt and baseball hat/visor will be provided. Included in your registration is;

  • Jersey and hat (players must provide pants and cleats depending on age
  • 8 x 10 team photo 
  • $50.00 in raffle tickets that can be sold to off-set registration costs
  • pop ticket good for a drink or popsicle at the concession stand (12 punches)


What equipment to I need?
Each player needs to supply their own gloves.  Bats, balls, tees and catcher's gear will be provided by the league for team practice and game use. Boys in the Farm 8 division and above are required to wear an athletic cup.


Can I use my own bat or helmet?
Absolutely! Bats must have a logo that shows 'approved by Little League of America' or 'Little League Approved'. Umpires will not allow use of a bat if this logo is not evident.

Why must I write a volunteer check to Keystone Little League?

Keystone Little League is a volunteered based organization and your willingness and ability to volunteer for the concessions stand, park clean-up, evaluations or as a coach is critical to our organization being able to run for the season.  However, we understand that not everyone is able to volunteer time, therefore, if you can choose to opt out of the 8 hour per family volunteer hours and you can choose to pay the $125.00 volunteer fee. 

Do you need Coaches, or other volunteers?

Keystone Little League is a completely volunteer program. We are always looking for enthusiastic people to help support the league in any capacity that they can. We would welcome anyone willing to volunteer their time to coach, umpire, keep score or help with a number of other duties. If you are interested in being a coach, please register at

Volunteer hours will be posted at

Interested in joining the Keystone Little League Board contact Jeremy Stone at


My child wants to be an umpire. What are the requirements?

You have to be 10 year old as of April 30 of the upcoming season and may only umpire a division/league they are no longer eligible to play. 

More Information is available at

Have questions, contact Jr. Umpire Coordinators at


Does Keystone Little League provide training for Managers and Coaches?

Yes, Keystone Little League pays for managers and coaches to attend a coaches clinic in late February and KLL specific safety session later in March for Managers and Coaches to review safety, first aid, and to participate with understanding and updating our Local League Rules. You are important to this process!


How are the number of teams per division determined?

The maximum number of teams are determined by the amount of players of a certain age available to play, along with the availability of fields.

Depending on the division teams are formed either randomly (some leagues can make team/coach requests) or by a draft system.  

You can find rules regarding creation of teams on Keystone Little League Rules at


What are the different divisions? 

Keystone has 3 different League Divisions;

Co-Ed Leagues:   T-Ball:  Player ages are typically ages 4 and 5 (four and five) and Coach Pitch:  Players should have played in an organized t-ball league prior to enrollment in this league, but not required. Player ages are typically ages 5 and 6 (five and six). 

Baseball:  Keystone has baseball programs for boys ages 7 through 18.  Player age is based on age as of April 30th. 

Softball:  Keystone has softball programs for girls ages 7 through 16. Player age is based on age as of December 31.

Information regarding League Divisions can be found here:


How do evaluations and the draft work?

Players, grouped by division, are evaluated by managers of each division.  An open draft occurs afterward.  Information regarding the Keystone Draft can be found within the Keystone Little League Rules.


Why does Keystone Little League have a draft for some divisions?

Keystone Little League is affiliated with Little League International which requires a draft system to assign players to teams. The purpose of the draft is to equitably distribute players throughout the league. This is an important factor in creating balanced and fair competition. At Keystone Little League, we are aware that drafts may be manipulated. Our policy is that the Keystone Little League draft reflects the integrity of our league and that we will take all reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of our draft. Our players deserve nothing less.


I understand that in the leagues that draft, your team assignment process distributes the players across the league, but doesn’t that just water down the competition?

The distribution of players through the league helps us to minimize one-sided games. Although concentrating teams may seem to create better baseball, Little League’s team assignment requirements places emphasis on balance. Our experience as players, coaches, and parents, is that this leads to exciting baseball. Teams composed of players that hold a range of ability and skill levels force the coaches and teams to work together to play the game well. That effort, under the stewardship of a capable coach, is success in youth sports.


How does the "sibling rule" work? My kids are only 20 months apart - can they play in the same division?

If your children qualify to play within the same league, you may request that they be placed on the same team.  


I have an issue that needs to be addressed, who do I contact?

You should first speak with the manager (coach) of your child’s team. 

If this is not possible, please contact the Player Agent for your child’s division/league.  Player Agent contact information is available here:

If needed, the next level of contact is Keystone Little League’s Coaching and Player Agent Coordinator Committee Chair, Trent Wulf.   Mr. Wulf can be reached here:  


Trent Wulf

Coaching Coordinator

Phone: 4029176274