Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities

We post all of our volunteer opportunities here.  Each event is created and posted through IVolunteer.com.  We will add to the links below as they are created.  Once your family has completed 8 hours of volunteer service (it is a total of 8 hours per family - NOT per player), your $125.00 volunteer check will be shredded.  Must be 18 years old to volunteer.

Team Safety Parents

New to this year we have added 2 Team Safety Parents to each team to help us follow our new guidelines.  Not only does these Volunteer positions count toward all your Volunteer hours they are truly making this season possible.  Without you, we wouldn’t be able to offer this season for our kids to enjoy!

Your main role is to assist the Coaches in maintaining our new guidelines:

-help maintain proper Social Distancing in our Extended Dugout areas.

     Red tape has been placed properly spaced from dugout to dugout along the home plate backstop

     Each player will be assigned a spot to hang his/her equipment for the game.  They should remain in     

     that spot unless the coach moves them into the dugout due to injury or heat related issues

-help make sure kids are not sharing food /drink

-help remind players to use hand sanitizer when returning to the dugout area after being in the field of play

-disinfect shared equipment (bats, extra catching helmet, balls) during and after the game

-Balls will be exchanged every half inning with each team having two balls per game.  When one is in use the other can be disinfected .

-disinfect dugout and used bleachers after each game.

*Keystone has Safety Buckets supplied in each dugout which contain hand sanitizer, quick contact disinfecting spray, towels, gloves, and first aid kits.  They will be restocked daily , in case of emergencies extra stock will be available at the Information (Concession)Stand.  We supply you with a Team Safety Parent lanyard to wear so other spectators are aware you are part of the Team and why you get to be so close to all the actions and excitement of our 2020 season!

Information Officer

This newly created volunteer position will assist in the following areas:
-Safety-help restock dugout safety buckets if needed.  Alert ballpark with the safety air horn when needed (1 horn = 20 minute delay due to lightening in the surrounding area, 2 horns = resume play/practice, 3 horns = immediate danger, exit fields, find shelter).  Assist with ice bags if needed for injuries.  Disinfect restrooms with spray (stall handles, toilet seats, toilet/urinal handles, sink faucets). Stock restroom supplies if needed (soap, towels, TP).
-Umpires-collect Umpire slips, pay Jr. Umpires, issue Jr. Umpire jerseys from check-out list, sell umpire clickers ($3) if needed.
-Emergency contact-If issues should arise at the park, contact the appropriate person(s) from the Emergency Contact List to address the issue.
-Score Board Remotes-charge issued score board remotes after use to ensure full battery for next day.

Adult Umpire

With the shortened season and the Covid-19 restrictions we will be offering Adult Umpire opportunities.  Each game will be considered 2 hours of service.  The Adult Umpire is required go through the umpire training which you can find HERE.  The Adult Umpire is to assist the Jr Umpire as they call the game.  Be sure your name and players name is put on the Umpire Sheet to get credit for your volunteer time.  The Umpire Sheet will be turned into the Information Officer at the Concession Stand at the conclusion of the game by the Jr. Umpire.

We are hoping that our Concession Stand Opportunities will begin after the start of the Month of July for the duration of the season.  Concession stand services will be limited to the Governor's guidelines.

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