Coach Training and Education

Keystone Little League is committed to providing training and educational opportunities to our coaches before, during and after the season.

As a coach or manager, you are encouraged to use these training and coaching opportunities to help you learn, improve and if you are a seasoned coach, continue your dedication to Little League coaching development.  

Concussion Training
All Coaches are expected to complete this online training course.  Certificates must be given to the player agent.
Heads Up Concussion Training Course

Little League University
All Keystone Little Leagues coaches are encouraged to sign up for Little League University

Information regarding coaching information can be found under the link for the league you are coaching.   

Fundamentals training – Saturday, March 2 from 2:30PM - 4:00PM at the Keystone Shed

At least one manager/coach from each team must attend the training.  Every Manager/Coach will attend this training at least once every 3 years.  Training will be at the Keystone Little League Shed (next to quad area).
This training will include:
                Sportsmanlike Conduct Policy
                Weather hotline and weather playing decision
                Equipment safety requirements
                Strike Zone Coaches Training Date
                Safe Practices and Running Drills

First Aid Training - March 30, 2019

Two separate times are available, from 10am to 11:30 and again from 1pm to 2:30 Keystone Little League will require at least one Manager/Coach from each team to attend. Every Manager/Coach must attend this training once every 3 years.  The Omaha Fire Department will conduct the training at the Keystone club house.  The training will include:
                a. Heat illness warning signs
                b. Concussion training per LB260 in Nebraska
                c. AED Training for Board Members
                d. Basic CPR Training
                e. What to do in the event of an emergency
                f. Training on Storm Tracking device functions

AED and Basic CPR Training For Board Members – Wednesday, April 17

7:00 – 8:00.  Description:  This safety training session is designed to provide board members, and other readily available staff such as; concession stand manager(s) and grounds manager(s) with the basic understanding of when and how to apply the use of AED and CPR and how to prepare for the arrival of first responders.  The audience will be limited to 12-15 persons from the board and other key staffing members.   

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